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Haldex Traction & Harding Peformance Pty Ltd (APR Australia) have signed an exclusive agreement to distribute Haldex Performance parts through out Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia. We are a development partner with Haldex & will offer support, service & warranty to all of their performance parts.

The Haldex Performance module will fit all Haldex equipped VW, Audi, Seat & Skoda, including:

Generation 1

$1850 including GST
  • Audi A3 / S3 Quattro
  • Audi TT Quattro
  • Seat Leon 4
  • Seat Alhambra
  • VW Golf R32
  • VW Bora AWD
  • VW Sharan AWD
  • VW Beetle RSi

Generation 2

$1950 including GST
  • Audi A3 sportback quattro / New S3
  • Audi New TT Quattro
  • VW Golf R32 MKV
  • VW Passat 4 Motion
  • Skoda Octavia 4x4

Generation 2 units have the ability to be wired up & switched through three modes, Stock / Sport / Race - if wiring is not installed the module defaults to "Sport" mode.


Generation 4

  • Suit VW Tiguan $1950
  • Suit TTS,S3,TT, TT-RS, R36 (Part Number Specific)
    Please note to ensure correct application, you original Haldex number is required. Stamped on base of rear assembly
More info on Haldex Gen 4 (PDF approx. 90kb)

Switching Options

Cable Set
Allows Generation 2 units to be switched through three modes, Stock / Sport / Race. The switch can be installed in the dashboard, allowing the driver to change settings to suit different driving conditions. The plug & play wiring harness is designed to be installed without any permanent modifications to the vehicle.
Generation 2 Wiring Harness for Switching $550 including GST
Haldex Haldex

Wireless Remote control
Remote control suits Gen 2 and Gen 4 - Price $599
Haldex Haldex



Technical details:

PreX is a newly developed system which broadens the product range of the Traction Systems division and complements the existing AWD system. Here is an example of where the performance tuned Haldex Performance Part excels. In the graph below you will see that torque transfer to the rear wheels during acceleration is much more aggressive with the new ECU installed. Increased torque transfer to the rear wheels during acceleration provides more consistent vehicle performance, as well as more neutral handling characteristics. In addition, the Haldex ECU monitors throttle input and transfers torque more quickly to the rear wheels when driving aggressively. In fact, how quickly the torque is transferred is a direct function of how fast the driver pushes the throttle pedal The Haldex unit will actually anticipate and prepares for torque transfer before actual torque is delivered from the engine to the driveline. Lastly, all safety features will continue to function. For example, during ABS assisted braking or ESP intervention, the Haldex unit will smartly stop transferring torque to the rear to avoid any interference with the vehicle's OE safety systems.

Haldex Integration:
All OEM security systems are retained and work as originally designed. The ABS braking system or engagement of the ESP is not disturbed with the upgraded Haldex system. Economy at highway cruise conditions is retained by still enabling the transfer of primary power to the front wheels when cruising.

The HPP kit comes complete with the plugs (two) that fit right into the OEM connectors, replacement bolts and a gasket for a simple clean installation. No additional fluid is required. Completely Plug -N- Play.

Why would you upgrade?
The new Haldex Performance Controller is a total replacement of the mechanical and electronic controller that directly affects how the RWD portion of the AWD system works and how aggressively it reacts under acceleration, cornering and braking.

The Primary Control Valve Assembly:
This new performance upgrade is a full aluminum assembly with the latest Haldex performance ECU software, and features an upgraded Primary Valve controller.
This upgrade increases torque transmission at acceleration providing consistent performance with increased over-steer. The torque-transmission is influenced by how fast you press the accelerator down. The Haldex system can transmit torque before the engine delivers torque. At greater speeds the torque will decrease enabling less over-steer and safer driving properties.
The advantages of this HPP upgrade are it's ability to predict the onset of torque much like the PreX which is for their newer hardware but even more aggressively. This upgrade takes into account the TPS signal more so than the oem software and therefore can proactively begin applying power to the rwd clutch packs before wheel spin begins. As power is increased, more power lock occurs in the rwd unit until full lock is achieved. To summarize, the new HPP is more aggressive with how it transfers power and does so much more proactively than the oem system. This is ideal for autocross, road racing, and street driving as well as enhancements to poor weather driving.
Torque Transfer Characteristics
Performance Graphs
Real Life Tests



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